Your Guide to Financing an Estes Park Vacation Home

The Road to Your New Vacation Home Starts Here!

This website is dedicated to helping you buy your vacation home in the mountains of Colorado, specifically Estes Park. Why? I moved to Denver in 1995 for grad school, and my first trip to the Rocky Mountains was to Estes Park. I was WOWED by the beauty and the views from the first time I saw them. I remember telling myself, if I remain in Denver, I want to buy a home here in Estes Park someday.

That someday came 25 years later during the COVID pandemic. My wife and family live in a great neighborhood in Littleton, and one day, we counted nine homes that we could see from our patio. Our view out every window was of another home, and we were STUCK at home 24/7 due to COVID. UGH!

So, we decided it was time to buy a home in the mountains with views and more space away from our neighbors if we could. For both my wife and me, this meant Estes Park.

These five videos tell the amazing story of what we learned about buying a vacation home through this process with the help of our great real estate agent. Please know that buying a vacation home in the mountains is far different from buying your primary residence in the city or suburbs. I will provide dozens of questions you need to answer for yourself during this journey of buying a vacation home, plus dozens of tips to help you make a GREAT DECISION.

So, sit back, watch each video, and write down your questions. I look forward to answering them and helping you finance your vacation dream home. Please know there are NO stupid questions with me. You can text or call me at 303-881-6374, or you can email me at [email protected]

How To Finance a Vacation Home Part 1:

  • This video will help you choose the right town for your mountain vacation home as Colorado has over a dozen great choices. I will give you lots of questions to help you discover what’s important to you in choosing the right town.
  • How often do you want to visit your mountain vacation home? Your answer will help guide you in your purchase journey. If you live in metro Denver and you want to visit your vacation home two or more times a month, a home in Durango, which is over six hours away, may not be a great idea.

How To Finance a Vacation Home Part 2:

  • This video asks the hard-hitting financial questions of vacation home ownership. Can you afford the monthly payment without short-term rental income, or is short-term rental income an added bonus?
  • Can you afford the down payment that is required to buy your mountain vacation home?
  • If you want or need short-term rental income, do you know that many towns and counties restrict the use of short-term rentals?

How To Finance a Vacation Home Part 3:

  • This video points out the two models of short-term rentals (and one of them has been around much longer than Airbnb).
  • This first model is often very expensive and can be limiting on your use of your own home. You need to learn about this, or you will be very disappointed.
  • The second model, using Airbnb and Vrbo, is more affordable but requires more work on your part.
  • You will also need a short-term rental license for the second model, and if the home you are buying doesn’t have this license, you must find out how long it will take to get it. Usually, this answer will be in years.

How To Finance a Vacation Home Part 4:

  • This video is designed to help you choose the right location in the town you want to buy your vacation mountain home. Do you want to be near the slopes or near downtown where the action is? Or do you want to be further away?
  • Next, I will help guide you through the type of property you may buy: condo, townhouse or single-family. But, you will probably need to keep an open mind on this too.
  • If you want mountain views, you will need to ask yourself if you want peak-a-boo views, somewhat obstructed views or unobstructed views? In Estes Park, which mountains do you want to see? Longs Peak, Lumpy Ridge, Hallett Peak, Twin Sisters, Ypsilon Mountain or one of many others?
  • Finally, I provide FIVE GREAT TIPS for you.

How To Finance a Vacation Home Part 5:

  • In this video, I go into depth about how to finance your mountain vacation home (including the down payment requirements for each property type, including condotels).
  • Second, I provide ideas on where your down payment can come from.
  • Third, I will point out the two additional costs you may face that you are not used to paying on your primary residence in the city or suburbs.

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