Lonnie Glessner

I grew up in a very small town in eastern Washington on a large wheat farm where I learned the values of hard work, honesty, integrity, and the value of a Dollar. I graduated from Central Washington University with an accounting degree, but I quickly discovered that accounting was not a good fit for my personality (an extrovert who loves to talk with people and help people).

During my senior year of college I felt called into youth ministry and became a youth pastor instead for a few years. I moved to Denver in 1995 to attend Denver Seminary where I graduated from in 1997. After looking for a full-time youth ministry position for 9 months, I decided to go back to the business world of banking and I fell in love with mortgage banking where I have been working since 1998.

From the very beginning I decided I would work by referral and I discovered that if I did an incredible job for my clients they would refer me to their family and friends. 24 years later over 95% of my business is from referrals and repeat business. For a couple years I also became a licensed financial advisor which has given me a far broader knowledge of money and finance and how your home and mortgage fit into your goals and dreams. I LOVE helping people achieve their dreams and goals.

Twelve times since 2010 I have been voted one of Denver's VERY BEST Mortgage Professionals (The 5 Star Award) by my clients and the real estate agents that I work with. In 2020 and 2021 I earned the award Top 1% Originator in the country by Mortgage Executive Magazine.

I met my wife at Denver Seminary and we have been married for 22 years and we have 2 kids of our own. Our son is 21 and is a commercial photographer and our daughter is 17 and she loves her dog and riding horses. In September 2014 we became foster parents of a 13-year-old boy, Nick. We gained permanent custody of Nick in December 2015 and Nick lives in southern CA and is studying to become a pilot.

When I have free time I and my wife love to go for walks or hikes especially in Estes Park where we now own a vacation home. I am also a Car Nut and I love attending car shows. Finally, I love a great glass of red wine out on our patio or deck or anywhere else.

My wife and I own 3 rental homes in Alabama and we also have a small ownership in a large apartment community in the Woodlands of north Houston through a DST investment.
My favorite clients are those who are eager to learn about money and how to build wealth using real estate. This can be a first-time home buyer, a move up buyer, or a real estate investor like myself. I strongly encourage you to ask me questions as there are NO stupid questions with me.